More Autographs To Come

I haven’t updated my collection lately because my scanner is broke. As soon as I get another one I will post more. Her’s a list of autographs I will be posting when I get the chance.

Burt Reynolds, Neve Campbell, Christina Ricci, Quincy Jones, Molly Shanon, Al Pacino, Martin Sheen(2), Wheel of Fortune (2), Gabrielle Union, Kelly Clarkson, Flex Alexander, John Walsh, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Michelle Kwan, Richard Dryfuss, Jason Momoa, Debra Messing, Matthew Broderick, Elizabeth Taylor, Anjelina Jolie, LeeLee Sobieski, The Rock, Jennifer Garner, Drew Carey, Tim Allen, Nicolas Cage, Jessica Biel, Mary Tyler Moore, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ben Stiller, Seth Green, John McCain, Al Roker, Tyra Banks, Fran Drescher and much more.